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Michael Jordan Was Spotted Casually Driving His Incredible Ferrari: "Michael Jordan Is A Total Legend. Huge Respect."

Ferrari Pista - $330,000

Credit: Baltic Supra Racing

No matter how many years he's been retired, Michael Jordan remains a global icon. The NBA legend makes headlines whenever he's seen in public, whether traveling around Europe with his wife, Yvette Prieto, or driving one of his spectacular cars. 

MJ was recently spotted on his yellow Ferrari Pista, enchanting everybody who saw that vehicle on the streets. Unexpectedly, one car enthusiast Youtuber spotted His Airness while he drove, going crazy after recognizing the 6x NBA champion. 

Pedro Malagon, the creator of Baltic Supra Racing, met MJ in the most curious way. While driving with another Youtuber, Casey Mecca, Malagon encountered Jordan in his shining yellow Ferrari Pista. 

At first, he doubted that was Mike, but Pedro and Casey chased the Chicago Bulls icon after confirming it was him. They gave him a shout-out to Jordan, who hit the gas and left them behind while waving. 

"That's awesome, guys, that's awesome," Malagon said. "I don't really follow a lot of celebrities, watch a lot of movies, or care for that type of stuff much, but, man, an athlete... Even athletes I don't care about much, but Michael Jordan is a total legend. Huge respect. That's a big 'wow' moment for me." 

Imagine you're driving, and all of a sudden, Michael Jordan appears. That must have been a terrific sensation, especially knowing No. 23 remains exclusive. He doesn't get involved with everybody and try to keep his life as private as possible. 

He likes to keep things as low-key as possible and doesn't make public appearances like other former athletes. He even turned $100 million to make a two-hour appearance in an event. That's how hermetic he is. 

Well, these men were lucky enough and encountered the GOAT on the streets, driving a spectacular car while doing one of his favorite activities: smoking a cigarette.