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Michael Jordan Was Spotted At A Party In NYC Yesterday

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Michael Jordan partying

When one is a retired top-tier athlete, one generally has the resources and the time to go out and have fun at extravagant parties. That is especially true if one is Michael Jordan, who is widely viewed as the greatest basketball player of all time. 

Michael Jordan was recently spotted at a party in New York City, and it seems as though he was having a good time. Jordan was at the event with his partner, Yvette Prieto. Instagram page @michael_jordann_ relayed the news.

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is known mostly for his elite basketball ability. However, he has also shown that he knows how to have a good time off the court as well. During the summer of 2021, Michael Jordan was spending his vacation on a $1.2 million yacht in Croatia.

Jordan was seen on the yacht in multiple pictures, a few in which he was sporting a cigar. Jordan has spoken and shown in the past his enthusiasm for cigars, so it is no surprise that he was seen smoking one during the trip.

The yacht, known as the O'Pari is reportedly costing him $1.2 million a week to rent, and that is where he is staying during his time in Croatia.

On top of that, Jordan has also purchased 25 bottles of a Tequila called 'Clase Azul Plata'. Each bottle costs an estimated $4000, meaning Jordan shelled out an extra $100,000 just on his choice of liquor while on the vacation.

It is clear that when one is as financially well-off as Michael Jordan, one can enjoy various luxury items/vacations. It is obvious that at this point in his life, Michael Jordan is living an extremely lavish lifestyle.

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is making the most of his free time. There's nothing wrong with having downtime, and Michael Jordan definitely knows how to have fun.