Monty Williams On Chris Paul: "The Darkest Moment Of My Life, Chris Was Right There."

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Monty Williams On Chris Paul- "The Darkest Moment Of My Life, Chris Was Right There."

The Phoenix Suns may be the most likable team in the NBA playoffs right now.

As the Suns continue to make waves in the West, Devin Booker is getting his chance to shine, Chris Paul is locked in on finally earning that elusive title, and the franchise is just 8 wins away from earning an NBA Championship.

Of course, we can't forget the dynamic between Monty Williams and Chris Paul, who share a bond that goes beyond the court.

As coach Williams shared after Game 4, Chris was there to help him through the worst moment of his life -- the death of his wife by a drunk driver.

It's a sad and tragic moment that no doubt re-shaped Monty's life forever.

In a way, the Suns' Western Conference Finals run is bringing new life to the Williams family. The team is playing inspiring basketball that has the entire city, and fans all around the world, rooting for their success.

Though they may be underdogs the rest of the way, the chemistry and mind shared by the team go beyond anything in these playoffs. This squad is built different and don't be surprised to see them continue making basketball history.