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Monty Williams Reveals Why Deandre Ayton Only Played 17 Minutes For The Suns: “It’s Internal.”

Monty Williams Reveals Why Deandre Ayton Only Played 17 Minutes For The Suns: “It’s Internal.”

The Phoenix Suns had one of the worst Game 7 performances in NBA playoff history, as they were completely dominated from start to finish by the Dallas Mavericks. The Suns had an utterly off night and were blown out by the Mavericks, who were led by an incredible performance by Luka Doncic.

One notable thing that occurred during the Suns-Mavs game was the fact that Deandre Ayton, the Suns' big man, only played 17 minutes throughout the game.

After the game, the Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams was asked why Deandre Ayton played such few minutes and especially didn't play at all in the 4th quarter. 

Williams responded sternly but didn't give any insight, just stating that it was an 'internal' decision to have Ayton play the limited minutes that he did. Williams' words suggest that he was not in favor of the decision, but had it imposed on him (5:35 onwards).

"It's internal."

Williams also spoke about the Suns' shocking exit from the playoffs. He noted that they have been taking a lot of praise for being one of the best teams, tonight's performance means that they have to accept the criticism coming their way.

Perhaps this could have been a decision from the front office, as they have a strained relationship with Deandre Ayton right now. Ayton refused the contract extension offer the Suns gave him, as he wanted to hold off for the max contract.

The Suns made this offer to Ayton a short while after the NBA Finals. Considering how high Ayton's stock was after the Suns' excellent NBA playoffs run, it made sense for him to bet on himself.

Ayton and the Suns will try to negotiate again now that their season is over. But considering how stern they've been in not wanting to offer Ayton the max, it is very possible that he walks away and joins a team that is more open to his salary demands. 

Ayton is still one of the best young prospects in the NBA and was the first overall pick from the 2018 NBA Draft class, one of the best in recent memory. While he hasn't made an All-Star or All-NBA team as of yet in his career, he is still considered one of the best young big men in the league and would make any team he joins better.