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Musician Jay Electronica Told Kevin Durant He Isn't The GOAT But He Leads The GOATs: "KD Ain't The GOAT. KD Is Like Me. KD Is The GOAT Herder. We Round Up The GOATs."

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is hard to pin down with words. KD does and says absolutely whenever he wants, but since his move to the Golden State Warriors, he has been receiving hate for everything that he does. His recent attempts to force a move out of the Brooklyn Nets have only soured a lot of people on him further, with media members and fans alike taking time out to criticize KD and some of his decisions. 

However, this isn't how everyone feels about Durant, many still have great respect and love for KD. He has many friends that are celebrities as well, people that appreciate his craft and his attitude towards life. One of those people is musician Jay Electronica, who recently got on an Instagram live with KD. Suffice to say they had some really interesting conversations during their chat. 

"Yo, you like me. Everybody be like such and such with the balls and the handles and the rings. Okay, they're GOATs. What about KD? I say nah, KD ain't the GOAT. KD is like me. KD is the GOAT herder. We round up the GOATS. We lead the GOATS."

It's hard to tell what Jay meant exactly when he said this, but it's an interesting take on the GOAT debate. Durant himself isn't too thrilled with conversations about legacies lately, so the idea that he stands apart from the GOAT debate is certainly an interesting one. During their conversation, the two also revealed that Durant has some of the musician's unreleased tracks. 

Kevin Durant: "We need new music!" 

Jay Electronica: "I've always blessed you anyways. You got songs on my phone that nobody's never heard. And I appreciate that you never let nobody hear these songs." 

KD: "Ayo chill! Chill."

It's good to see that despite all the noise around him, KD is sorted with the people he calls friends. Durant has always been about basketball, and NBA fans will be waiting to see where he will play next. There are a lot of things that people may be able to accuse Kevin Durant of, but not being entertaining can never be one of them.