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"My Hat Would Say 'I Had No Idea'": Dell Curry Never Knew Stephen Curry Could Be This Great

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Stephen Curry is one of the greatest players that the sport of basketball has ever seen, and his 3PT shooting has absolutely changed the game. He has won 3 championships with the Golden State Warriors from 2015-2018 and has now led them to the top of the Western Conference. 

When he was drafted, nobody expected Stephen Curry to be as good as he is now. Curry is a man that maximized the talent that he had and his accomplishments speak for themselves. He has outperformed all expectations. It seems as though not even his father Dell Curry expected Stephen Curry to be an all-time great. 

An article by Shaun Powell revealed that Dell Curry "had no idea" about his son's future greatness, and the elder Curry compared his situation with another NBA father in LaVar Ball, who always had faith in Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball.

Dell Curry, the father who seeded and nurtured this force of basketball, shook his head when asked about his son’s road map to 3-point riches.

“In Chicago the other day I saw LaMelo Ball's dad at the game wearing a hat that said: I Told You So,” said Dell, mentioning the bombastic father of LaMelo and Lonzo.

“Well, my hat would say: I Had No Idea.”

Stephen Curry could potentially break the all-time 3PT record when playing against his brother Seth Curry today. If that happens, that will certainly be an iconic moment not just for the Curry family, but also for the many fans that grew up watching Stephen Curry play. Many are hoping that will happen, though making 10 3PT shots is no easy task.

The Golden State Warriors look like they're back to winning ways this season, and it is possible that Stephen Curry is not done winning titles. Even if he doesn't win another championship, he is a player that has defined a generation and cemented his place in basketball history.