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Stephen Curry Can Break The All-Time 3PT Record Against His Brother Seth Curry

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Stephen Curry and Seth Curry

The Curry family is well known for their 3PT shooting prowess. Dell Curry was an elite shooter during his time in the league, and his two sons, Steph and Seth are no different. Stephen Curry has become an all-time great due to his shooting, while Seth Curry is currently the starting shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Stephen Curry's name has been all over the news recently, due to him closing in on the 3PT shooting record, which is currently held by Ray Allen. Ray Allen has 2973 3PT field goals made, with Stephen Curry currently at 2964 3PT field goals made. Curry needs 10 more 3PT shots made to break the record.

The Golden State Warriors play the Philadelphia 76ers today, which means that Stephen Curry has the opportunity to break the 3PT record against his brother, Seth Curry. Stephen Curry has managed to make 13 3PT shots in a game before so he definitely has the ability to make 10. It certainly won't be easy for him to make 10 shots in a game, but it's a possibility.

It would certainly be amazing to see Stephen Curry break the 3PT record against his brother. Every time the two end up playing each other it makes for an interesting battle. Stephen Curry has previously claimed that Seth Curry is the defender that frustrates him the most, and it's likely Seth Curry will try to be as annoying as possible playing defense on his brother to avoid him going off. The 76ers will need that in order to win against the best team in the league.

Stephen Curry breaking the record will be special no matter the location. However, it would certainly be an iconic moment if he does it against Seth Curry. Perhaps we'll end up seeing that happen tonight.