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Mychal Thompson Calls Out Russell Westbrook Over Darius Bazley's Late Steal And Dunk: "We Should've Won If You Don't Wanna See That Happen"

Mychal Thompson Responds To Russell Westbrook Not Liking Darius Bazley's Steal And Dunk With The Game Over: "We Should've Won If You Don't Wanna See That Happen"

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers starred in an unflattered moment on Wednesday night. They blew a 26-point lead against the young Oklahoma City Thunder, seeing the W slipping away their hands against a seemingly weak rival. 

Brodie was part of the biggest controversy of the night when he got mad at Thunder's player Darius Bazley after the latter stole the ball an inbound pass and dunked the ball during the last seconds of the game. The 2017 MVP didn't appreciate that and let Bazley know. Still, that was the dagger and the Thunder secured their win. 

Russ reflected on the situation after the game, saying he's not a fan of that, somehow labeling an 'unwritten rule.' 

"When sh*t like that happens, I don't let it slide. There's certain things you just don't do in sports."

Perhaps if he didn't turn the ball over 10 times, Russ wouldn't have minded that dunk. The Lakers had a big lead and let it slip, and the Thunder didn't have mercy with them. 

2x NBA champion and Lakers broadcaster Mychal Thompson reacted to this situation, calling out the player for getting mad at a dunk when the team had the victory practically in their pocket. He first said how he felt about 'unwritten rules,' clearly pointing out at Westbrook saying some things are unacceptable in sports. 

Moreover, he doubled down and said that they should have secured the win to prevent those situations. Instead, they lost, and there was nothing they could do about it. 

"Yeah when I played that kinda thing never bothered me… We should have won if you don't wanna see THAT happen," Klay Thompson's father tweeted. 

To be fair, Russ getting angry at that dunk was weird. Nobody else paid attention to that, yet he went off and barked at Bazley. This is another wake-up call for the Lakers to learn they aren't safe. 

Everybody in the Western Conference will try to knock them down, and if they get too comfortable, even with big leads, things will look ugly. The young Thunder team recorded their first win of the season, with rookie Josh Giddey becoming the third-youngest player in NBA history to record 10 assists in a game, only behind LeBron James.