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NBA Agent Explains Why Anthony Davis Should Sign A One-Year Deal This Offseason

(via Lakers Outsiders)

(via Lakers Outsiders)

As the Los Angeles Lakers gear up for a postseason run, one big question looms over the franchise's future: what will happen to Anthony Davis?

Despite specifically requesting a trade to L.A., 27-year-old forward has made no guarantees about his future with the Lakers and he is due to hit free agency this offseason.

While there is still very little we actually know about his plans, one big-time agent suggested to David Aldridge and John Hollinger of The Athletic that Davis could end up signing a one-year deal.

“Me, it’s just too much unknown,” said the agent. “It probably makes sense for everybody to sign a one-year deal. Even the big free agents like Anthony Davis – sign a one-year deal (this summer) and see what the numbers are for ’21, and sign a contract based off the projections for that.”

Considering the financial implications of the COVID shutdown, there might not be a lot of money to go around -- especially so soon after everything transpired.

Next summer would likely put Davis in a better position to make more financially and it would give the Lakers another chance to prove they are the team he should stick around with.

Either way, it will be interesting to witness how things progress in the weeks and months to come. While signing a short deal might be the safest option, Davis might decide to go another route if he feels it'll serve his interests.

Needles to day, all of Laker Nation is holding their breath.