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NBA Analyst Says Stephen Curry Is A Better Offensive Player Than Michael Jordan

NBA Analyst Says Stephen Curry Is Better Offensive Player Than Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry is making history in the NBA and he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Golden State Warriors superstar already had a big night on Monday, dropping 53 points on the Denver Nuggets, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain as the team's all-time scoring leader.

He picked things right where he left them on Wednesday, going for 42 in three quarters against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Dubs' 147-109 win. Curry has become one of the best players in the NBA and the best shooter of all time but people have started taking things to the next level, comparing him to some all-time greats in recent days.

NBA analyst and author Ben Simmons recently made the case for the Chef as the best offensive player of all time, even surpassing Michael Jordan, one of the greatest scorers this game has ever seen. During a recent edition of his 'Thinking Basketball' podcast, Taylor said that Curry has a case to eclipse big legends on the offensive end of the ball. As transcribed by Redditor "can_wien07":

If I’m going to make the home run argument (for GOAT offensive player) Curry might have the best one. One of the great lessons of the last decade is we’re talking about a 6’2 dude from Davidson as possibly being a better offensive player than Jordan. Based on data & watching the film...Curry is the guy out of all the guys, who really seems to have the argument to offensively eclipse MJ & Magic & Lebron.

Jordan was one of the most gifted scorers in NBA history, even though he wasn't a consistent 3-point shooter. The Chicago Bulls legend always found a way to score, to get past his rivals, and lead his team to a lot of victories during his time with the team. He's one of the all-time leading scorers in the league for a reason. LeBron James is the 3rd on that list and he's ready to keep making his legacy bigger.

The King isn't known for being a scorer and yet he's done a lot of good things in front of the basket. Steph can do a lot of good things, too, and the fact that he's the deadliest shooter in NBA history helps him a lot.

Curry is certainly doing a lot of good things and he's not stopping right now. The player is just living a great moment and the best part is that with his good performances, the team is winning and he's not scoring a lot of worthless points every night. The Warriors have struggled this season and they're trying to make the playoffs without having to play in the play-in tournament but we're yet to see if they can achieve their goal.