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NBA Cap Strategist Explains Why The Warriors Should Not Sign Jordan Poole To Big Extension This Summer: "Prior To This Year He Was A Borderline Rotation Player...”

Jordan Poole

This season, Jordan Poole put on the performance of his life. Through 76 games, he averaged 18.5 points, 4 assists, and 3.4 rebounds per game on 44% shooting.

He was the x-factor for much of the campaign and was able to maintain his performance all throughout the playoffs.

At a glance, it certainly looks like Dub Nation has found another star. But according to one NBA cap expert, it's too soon for him to start getting paid like one.

‘”What’s the upside in locking him in now?'” one team cap strategist told Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. ‘”He’s not Luka Doncic or Donovan Mitchell, who’ve proven they can carry a team. He’s close. If he does it again, you pay him. But prior to this year he was a borderline rotation player.'”

Obviously, the Warriors want to keep Poole. He's a young star who can take over after their core calls it quits. But it will take some time to iron out the details of an extension.

Poole's extension talks will likely take some time to finalize. Outside of surefire designated-rookie deals, the majority of contract extensions for former first-round picks entering the fourth year of their career typically finalize the last week before the next season. With the 2019 class, former No. 1 pick Zion Williamson, former No. 2 pick Ja Morant, and fellow All-Star point guard Darius Garland each signed their maximum deals at the start of free agency.

Fresh off of winning the NBA title, the Warriors have to be feeling good about where their roster stands. Their mix of young and older talent has set them up to prosper for years to come.

But paying all of these guys the money they deserve has become a real problem for them and they may have to make some tough choices over the next few months and years.