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NBA Coach Predicts Boston Celtics Will Win NBA Championship: "I Like Their Defensive Mindset... They Put A Lot Of Emphasis On Their Defense."

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The Boston Celtics managed to topple the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round, and there's no doubt that the fact that they managed to beat the 2021 champions is a good sign of their success for the rest of this playoff run. They are now in the Eastern Conference Finals and will be facing the Jimmy Butler-led Miami Heat.

An NBA coach interviewed by Darnell Mayberry and Josh Robbins of The Athletic has recently stated his belief that the Boston Celtics would win the championship this year, and praised the fact that they're "jelling at the right time", as well as lauding their "defensive mindset":

“I think Boston is going to win the NBA championship, and the reason I say that is because I like how they are jelling at the right time. I like their defensive mindset. I think they come into every game thinking defense. They’ve put a lot of emphasis on their defense. They take pride in it, and they have certain guys that know, ‘This is what I do defensively.’ And not only do those guys play defense, but they also are playing offense at a high rate. And I’m talking about Grant Williams, who’s supposed to be a defender and ends up having seven 3s in Game 7, and Marcus Smart. Now, the problem with Marcus Smart is he could play you into the game as well as he could play you out of the game sometimes with his aggressive offensive approach..."

“(Boston has) one (player) that knows he’s the best player on the floor every night, and that’s (Jayson) Tatum. And I think (Jaylen) Brown has figured out ‘We’re going as far as Tatum is taking us, and I’m playing right behind him.’ It just looks to me that they’ve settled into roles on that team as well as anybody else. They know their roles. They’re a defensive team. Their offense goes through Tatum, Brown, and then the other guys are making shots. If Robert Williams is healthy and defending and running and rolling as he can, they’re tough to beat."

There's no doubt that the Boston Celtics have a good chance of winning the NBA championship. They have two stars, an elite defensive team, and an amazing coach in Ime Udoka. In fact, a model by 538 suggested that they may be the favorites for the title this season.

While a lot of people seem to be rolling with the Boston Celtics, predictions don't always become reality. The Celtics will still have to deliver on the court, and they definitely have the talent to win it all.