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NBA Fan Hilariously Asked James Harden About The Best Strip Club In Las Vegas: “Nope?”

NBA Fan Hilariously Asked James Harden About The Best Strip Club In Las Vegas: “Nope?”

The Philadelphia 76ers and James Harden have found themselves in a bit of a weird spot recently. James Harden taking a pay cut so the Philadelphia 76ers could add depth to their roster resulted in a couple of his former Rockets teammates joining the team. PJ Tucker and Danuel House were acquired alongside the Beard, leading the NBA to launch an investigation into if there was any tampering. 

Harden knows that regardless of what happens on that front, though, his legacy will be defined by what he can do on the basketball court for the team next season. The Beard and Joel Embiid will get a full season to mesh together and take the next step, and all eyes will be on Harden after a disappointing 2021-22 campaign. 

In the past, Harden has been well-known for his clubbing and partying, with him being spotted outside a lot of clubs. He was recently in Las Vegas when a fan hilariously tried to bring it up but couldn't get a rise out of Harden. 

"What's up bro? What's the best strip club in Vegas? Nope?"

Harden simply ignored the fan's question, choosing to walk on by and not acknowledge it instead. While this may have gotten a reaction from the former MVP at some point in his life, it would seem that the Beard's focus this offseason is absolute. And Daryl Morey has also already spoken about the potential that his partnership with Joel Embiid has, setting up an exciting season in Philly. 

If James Harden can finally get his hands on a championship, he will likely party harder than he ever has before. However, as he gets older, it has started to seem more difficult and the next season represents as good a chance as he's had in a while. It remains to be seen if he can make the most of it, but he is certainly on the right track.