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NBA Fan Suggests A Crazy 4-Team Monster Trade: LeBron James To The Nets, Kyrie Irving To The Lakers

NBA Fan Suggests A Crazy 4-Team Monster Trade: LeBron James To The Nets, Kyrie Irving To The Lakers

This 2022 NBA offseason could present many trades that would change the landscape of the league. Many superstars have been linked with a move away from their current teams, including those who were considered immovable before the start of the campaign. 

Well, things have changed and many teams are looking to make some changes to be competitive next season. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets have been dealing with issues regarding their superstars and some of them could leave the franchises soon. 

For the Purple and Gold, Russell Westbrook has been linked with a move away from the Los Angeles Lakers following a tumultuous season with them. However, other players like Anthony Davis and even LeBron James have been mentioned in a potential trade for the team. 

The Nets are reportedly unwilling to give Kyrie Irving a long-term extension after his controversial 2021/22 NBA season, where he refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Plus, his injury history has kept the alarms on in Brooklyn and the team wants to be very careful with this situation. 

One NBA fan recently came up with a huge trade idea that would 'free' the Lakers of their Big 3. This is a 4-team trade that would involve the Charlotte Hornets and Utah Jazz, and the result looks very appealing. 

This trade would send LeBron James to the Brooklyn Nets, Russell Westbrook to the Charlotte Hornets, and Talen Horton-Tucker to the Utah Jazz. The Lakers would get Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn, Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward from Charlotte and Bojan Bogdanovic from Utah: 

4 team trade:


G Kyrie Irving

G Terry Rozier

F Gordon Hayward

F Bojan Bogdanovic

F Anthony Davis


G Patty Mills

G Seth Curry

F Ben Simmons

F LeBron James

F Kevin Durant

Hornets —> 2 1sts & get off Hayward contract

Jazz —> 2 1sts & THT

who wins? who loses?

NBA fans had something to say about this and, truth be told, they weren't so fond of this move:

This is an interesting idea and, according to the trade simulator, it could work. However, things are different in reality and these teams can definitely take a different route. Then again, this is not the first time we've heard about trading LeBron James for Kyrie Irving, so who knows, maybe we're a couple of weeks from seeing James teaming up with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. 

We have to wait and see if these front offices get on board with this idea or if it's just another crazy trade idea that looks too good to be true.