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NBA Fans Advise Victor Oladipo After He Tweets: "Low Key Tired Of Being Single."

via New York Post

via New York Post

For many fans, being an NBA player must be paradise. Besides competing in one of the most challenging tournaments in the world of sports, you have money, clout and can practically date whoever you want. 

Well, that's not the case for everybody. Several players have settled since a young age and live a happily married life, like LeBron James and Stephen Curry. In contrast, others live a more moved life, and a little group struggles to find love. 

It looks like Miami Heat shooting guard Victor Oladipo belongs to that last group. The player is getting ready to return to the league next season, and boredom is starting to get him. On Friday, Victor revealed he was tired of being single on Twitter, drawing a lot of reactions from fans. 

Some offered him a piece of advice, wondered why he didn't take advantage of being in Miami, while some ladies even shot their shot with the player. 

After Drake's brand-new album 'Certified Lover Boy' dropped, people seemingly got in their feelings, Oladipo included. The 2018 Most Improved Player of the Year wants to find something real, which is rare when you're an NBA star. 

While he continues his rehab, he's not losing hope of finding success in the league and the world of love.