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NBA Fans Debate If Kevin Love Should Join Lakers Or Nets If Bought Out: "LeBron, Westbrook And Love Reunion For The Memes"

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With Kevin Love apparently finishing his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a lot of speculation has surfaced regarding the big man's future. KL has spent the last seven years with the Cavs, but that seems to end shortly. 

The Cavaliers just traded for Lauri Markkanen, adding another big man to their roster. This situation suggests that Love is on his way out of the team, probably via a buyout. He's been linked with several teams recently, but the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers look like the strongest candidates to land Love.

NBA fans debated where he should go if released by the Cavaliers after Redditor "nonbiasednbafan" named the Nets and Lakers the most likely destinations for Love. 

Assuming Kevin Love is bought out and his two final choices are signing with either the Brooklyn Nets or Los Angeles Lakers, which one would you prefer he sign with? Which team would you pick if you were Love?

Everybody had an opinion on this, with some suggesting the Lakers can work with Love's struggles on defense, while the Nets would add firepower to their offensive machine. 

lebron, westbrook and love reunion for the memes

Lakers can hide him on D. Nets can’t

Nets offense is easier to play within than whatever the fuck Vogel does on offense.

I think love would look great on Brooklyn. I think Blake is better and deserves more minutes than him tho.

Love knows how to play next to LeBron, he would be fine on the Lakers offense. On defense AD can cover for him.

There's more than just two teams you know...

Kevin Love resides in Brooklyn in the offseason.

Love is also not from LA, at all.

Why not Milwaukee? They’re a team that just needs shooters.

He’s from LA, tight with Russ and Bron and fits the team pretty well. I think it’s a slam dunk unless the King says no.

I would guess LA because he's a California guy

but does he want to be the target of all the hate he'll get if the Lakers hit a slump or don't win the title. He'd be the scapegoat.

If I was Love, I'd pick the Nets. But I'd prefer him to go to the Lakers so we can make more retirement home jokes.

Idk guess it depends on his relationships with Bron or Kyrie?

Lakers, Russ/Bron/AD and stacked squad in my hometown/college city.

I'd love to see him go to Portland. I like having more competition.

Depends on how good of terms he is with LeBron and Westbrook. It wasn't always smooth sailing between him and Bron, but I'd say their relationship was a net positive

Definitely the nets if they waive Jordan

He's gonna go to the lakers. The Nets vs Lakers finals next year is gonna revitalize the NBA.

Kevin love follows a lot of people on the lakers on instagram, seemingly the same way russ did prior to his trade, it’s basically a done deal he’s going to the Lakers

Probably with Kevin Durant since they share the same name.

But idk, I think Love loves LeBron but from his mental health shit i dont think he could take the pressure of LA and playing with Bron + AD.

Love will be a coveted asset if the Cavaliers decide to cut ties with him. The Nets and Lakers have recently signed talented veterans, so it makes sense that they will fight to get KL's services this offseason. 

Time will tell if he's freed by the Cavs and where he'll plain next. Whichever team lands the power forward/center will have a bigger chance to win the NBA championship next season.