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NBA Fans Debate Which All-NBA First Team Is Better, 2011-12 Or 2021-22: "You Put Prime KD And Bron On One Team... Don't Even Have To Look At The Other Team."

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NBA Fans Debate Which First Team All-NBA Is Better, 2011-12 Or 2021-22: "You Put Prime KD And Bron On One Team... Don't Even Have To Look At The Other Team."

The All-NBA teams have recently been announced, and there's no doubt that the players selected deserve it. The first All-NBA team featured a variety of players 27 or younger, and it's clear that the new generation of elite basketball superstars has arrived.

Twitter page ClutchPoints has recently posted a graphic featuring the All-NBA first team from this year (2022), as well as the first All-NBA team from 10 years ago (2012). Fans were then asked who they would pick to win a game.

A lot of fans reacted to the post, with many people overwhelmingly picking the 2011-12 team. The sentiment makes sense, as that team has Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant, who are all proven stars that have won multiple championships during their careers. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul were both fantastic in their prime as well.

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It would definitely be interesting to see who would win this game between the two teams. Many noted that the 2011-12 All-NBA first team would be elite defensively, with there not being any weak links in their defense. They would make it tough to score in transition, and with Dwight Howard protecting the rim, it's hard to see the 2021-22 team

While both teams would obviously be good simply due to the stars on each team, it is likely that the defense would be the difference-maker in a hypothetical matchup. On the 2021-22 All-NBA team, players like Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, and Devin Booker aren't well-known for their abilities on that end of the floor.

With that being said the 2021-22 NBA team is extremely versatile offensively, and they also have a DPOY in Giannis Antetokounmpo. They would definitely put up a fight against the 2011-12 team.

Perhaps one day we'll look back on this debate and view things more evenly, after the 2021-22 team has time to develop their legacies and continue to show the world what they can do. Right now though, it seems as if most believe that the 2011-12 team has the edge in this scenario.