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NBA Fans Debate Who Is Higher On The All-Time List: Chris Paul Or Russell Westbrook?

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Talking about some of the best point guards of this generation, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are certainly two names cannot be excluded from this conversation. The two stars have been around the league for a long time and have won numerous accolades. The one thing that they have in common is not winning an NBA championship.

At times, the two superstars received a lot of backlash from fans and some even wondered if it hurt their legacy. Despite not winning a ring, it is safe to assume both players will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The question here is if we are talking about which player ranks higher in the all-time list, things get interesting.

NBA Buzz asked the same question on Facebook and many fans debated about which player ranks higher on the list. Is it CP3 or Russ?

Here is what some NBA fans said about this debate:

Gary Tang: "Really don’t understand why CP3 is rated so highly. Alway fail to produce when it matters."

Jerome Williams: "Chris Paul. Consistency night in and night out, always has a good game with positive vibes and such a hard worker."

Marcus Chenard Landrum: "Anybody that says cp3 don’t know basketball. Westbrook has 2 scoring titles, lead the league in assist 4 times. 1 mvp, 2 all star mvp. All time triple double leader. Every superstar teammate he’s played with has by far had their best season playing with Rus. The playoff success isn’t their but basketball is a team sport. The man gives you 100% every game."

Todd Mason: "The question isn't who you like better or who you'd take. It's who's higher on the all time list. Probably Westbrook but that's tough to call for sure."

Juraj Chov: "Well Chris made it out of the 1st round."

Christian Pikadjo: "Normally, objectively and logically, there's no doubt. It's Russ ... But fanatically speaking, it's CP3. I don't really know why."

Andrew Co: "Westbrook is a all around player...........and beat the the triple double robinson........."

Mike Latona: "CP3 is the better textbook point guard that every team wants to build off of, but Russ is by far the superior athlete with an incredibly rare skill set."

Gerald TL: "Its point god cp3.. every team he played to are playoff bound .. russ have the better stats overall but i gave it to paul because of the instant impact he is providing to a team like LAC,HOU,OKC and now PHX."

Jarvin Condes: "I like how cp3 plays but Russ all day! Mr. Triple Double! Love his energy and athleticism! Also 1 time NBA MVP."

Kevin Valera: "I'll take a healthy cp3 to lead a team any day. It's close though russ is a beast. Cp3 is a better leader with a higher IQ late in games."

Keith Sison: "The haters can say anything against Russell Westbrook but the fact will still remains that he is one of the greatest point guards in the history of the NBA. Respect."

Reiz Mangabat: "The guy who holds the most triple-double and an MVP award."

Bo Jenson: "Westbrook will go down as achieving more, but I would pick CP on my team every time."

Gianni Ottobri: "It's cp3. He makes any team better. Russ makes any team worse. With no KD he achieved nothing relevant other than stats."

Paulo da Silva: "Chris Paul for me’s a better playmaker, shooter and have a better IQ, Russell’s just a better athlete, he can be a triple double machine but it costs too many turnovers."

Oliver M Valencia: "Individual accolades,Westbrook all day,team wise,id say CP3,the thing is basketball is a team sport,but we compare individuals,not teams."

Dhanvin Ghowda: "Russ in the beginning of his career was good, then started stat padding...... Cp3 plays well in season but not that good in playoffs."

JC Dumlao: "They both reached the Finals but failed to capture An NBA Championship. So, I'm taking Russ coz he has an MVP award (just honest opinion)."

Noee Ambriz: "Who ever has an mvp and a triple double season is better in the all time greats list."

Gordon Leslie: "They are equal in my eyes. Both of them will be hall of famers and ringless."

Simon Templar: "EASY, Russell Westbrook...2017 Was No Joke : 31ppg 10apg 10rpg (MVP) & Scoring Champion, 2nd In Assist Leader...This Dude Is One Of A Kind."

Ralph Vasquez: "If you say all time list you have to look on paper. If so, its Russ. MVP, broke triple double records, been to the finals like cp3. Game on the line id go with cp3."

Derrick Crutcher: "Westbrook. Paul has been to the Finals and didn't win. Westbrook has been to the Finals and didn't win, but he also has an MVP to his credit. He's also done something that most of us never thought possible, average a triple double, on MULTIPLE occasions. I give Westbrook the nod for the MVP and for the triple doubles."

Trevor Wheaton: "Who ever gets a ring but right now its neck and neck but id say cp3 he can take any team to the playoffs almost."

Looking at the comments, the fans were divided about which player to pick. Both CP3 and Russ have had stellar careers so far. If any one of them can lift an NBA trophy before they retire, then they will take the lead in this debate.

Luckily, the two stars are part of amazing teams. Brodie joined the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason and teamed up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, Paul helped the Suns make it to the NBA Finals last season and has young stars such as Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton by his side.

The two sides might potentially meet in the Western Conference Finals during the 2021-22 NBA season. If this becomes a reality, which side are you picking?