NBA Fans Destroy Giannis Antetokounmpo: 'Who Is Giannis’ Shooting Coach... Is Shawn Marion Your Shooting Coach?

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As great as he is, Giannis Antetokounmpo is still one of the most criticized NBA players right now. Most of this criticism comes at the expense of his inconsistent jumper and how much time he takes to shoot a free throw. 

During Game 3 of the Brooklyn Nets-Milwaukee Bucks series, Giannis received more criticism for his shooting form. NBA fans saw an opportunity and took it, blasting the Greek Freak for his mechanics.

Some even dared to give hilarious explanations as to who his shooting coach is. Others were a little more serious and detailed how things changed for him with all the weight he gained after his rookie season. 

The Milwaukee Bucks superstar once again is struggling in the postseason. Even though they beat the Nets in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series, the 26-year-old needs to find a way to improve his game and become a more dangerous offensive weapon. 

His free throws are something he needs to work on, too. He earned a 10-second violation in the 2nd quarter. This has been a common thing for Giannis; he really took his time at the FT line and refs are getting tired. 

He has the tools to be better but needs the right help to take his game to the next level. After a terrific first round, the Bucks face a massive challenge in the form of the Nets. Giannis and co. need to step up to tie this series before their rivals take a 3-1 lead that will be pretty tough to overcome. 

The 2x NBA MVP has shown the desire to get better, and he trains every summer to reach that goal. However, things don't seem to be working for him.