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NBA Fans Destroy Nick Wright After He Said That Kobe, Shaq And Tim Duncan Won Championships In Michael Jordan's Era

Nba fans destroys nick wright after he said that kobe, shaq and tim duncan won championships in michael jordan's era

It's pretty safe to say that Nick Wright is far from being a fan favorite. If anything, people tune in to watch what he's going to say next to laud LeBron James and somehow demeanor everybody else in the basketball community.

Wright isn't the first to do these kinds of things and definitely won't be the last. However, even if he's been on this game for quite some time now, some fans still can't seem to fathom many of the things he says.

That's why they went after his head when he said that Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, and Tim Duncan all won NBA Championships "under Jordan's watch," when clearly the Jordan from the Washington Wizards era wasn't exactly dominating the league:

Fans blasted Wright on social media yet again for these remarks, as not only they were uncalled for but that didn't even make any sense at all.

The worst part of this is that these kinds of comments and pundits are one of the reasons why some people still look down on LeBron. These arguments do nothing but infuriate LeBron's haters and he's not doing him any favors.