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NBA Fans Discuss If They’d Play Michael Jordan 1-On-1 For $23 Million: “If You Fail, You’ll Lose Your Sense Of Hearing.”

NBA Fans Discuss If They’d Play Michael Jordan 1-On-1 For $23 Million: “If You Fail, You’ll Lose Your Sense Of Hearing.”

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. He was a fierce competitor that used every trick in the book to win games, becoming one of the most honored players of all time during the 90s with his mighty Chicago Bulls. Jordan was a menace in one-on-one duels, getting the best of rivals with his moves, destroying them with relative ease. 

Going against Jordan wasn't an easy task, which is why the people who weren't scared of him were admired to some extent. He faced big defenders during his career, but it's safe to say that Jordan beat every single one of them. Guarding His Airness wasn't for weak people, and those who dared to challenge him ended up regretting that decision. 

Many of us have wondered how we would fare if we go against Jordan one-on-one, a question that a lot of players have wondered, too. One NBA fan recently created a hypothetical scenario where others would go against Jordan to win a big prize but also to lose something huge if he defeated them. 

NBA Fans Debate If They'd Take On Michael Jordan 1-On-1

NBA memes recently shared a challenge where people would play Michael Jordan one-on-one with a lot at stake. If they won the match, the award would be $23 million. In case they lost, they would lose their sense of hearing. 

This was an opportunity for jokers to show their confidence, while others took things a little more serious. 

Never stated which game therefore clash Royale

Absolutely. He’s never played a guy like me

Dub, I'm already deaf

Nah,I’ll pass. Unless a Hail Mary goes in I have no shot

How many shot do I have and what we going to

hell no💀

“Hey Mike it’s Isaiah!!!” He looks I go passed him and lay up

MJ has to play with one hand tied behind his back and Covid 19. Then I’ll accept

1v1 to a 100 doe

Mannn it ain’t nun hit a deep 3, deep ass floater, or drive and pump fake and get him off his feet and score…now if he guarding you from half court then you best drive and call and 1 till you make a lucky shot 😭😭😭 so I’m taking it but ima either score or the game gone never end

How many chances do I have to score on MJ?

I’m not scoring on MJ especially cuz he’s a foot taller than me

Hell no

Sorry i cant hear u

First till 100points

Imma score

This is by no means an easy task, but it seems like some of these fans are confident in their chances. We all know about the stories of MJ demolishing pro players for talking bad about him, so imagine what could happen if, instead of an NBA guy, it's an average Joe who's taking on the GOAT. Well, not everybody will duck this smoke, but chances are they'll get destroyed and will go deaf after playing Jordan.