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NBA Fans Have Hilarious Reaction After NBA Decides It Will Not Test For Marijuana This Season

NBA Fans Hilarious Reaction After NBA Decide That Will Not Test For Marijuana This Season

Great news for JR Smith (and the rest of NBA players that consume marijuana) after the league announced they won't be testing for weed this upcoming NBA season. That measure was adopted in the Orlando bubble and now they are going to keep things like that.

It's not a secret that marijuana is very popular among NBA players and this was obviously great news for a lot of people around the association. Of course, NBA Twitter reacted to the news and they didn't have mercy, making fun of JR Smith, Bronny James and more players and teams.

The league has been studying removing marijuana from the banned substances list and these steps seem to be aimed at removing it from the list for good. A lot of players are happy now and they will be even happier when the season starts... If you know what I mean.