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NBA Fans Joke About Steve Nash As Brooklyn Nets Fall Apart: "He Really Don't Care..."

Steve Nash

When Steve Nash got hired as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, nobody imagined it would ever lead to this. Since 2020, the Nets have endured nothing but chaos and controversy as drama behind the scenes resulted in losses and miscommunication on the court.

Fast forward to today, and the team is on the verge of total collapse as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving await news of their next destination.

Through it all, Steve Nash has been almost eerily quiet, just letting things play out from the sidelines. On social media, fans have made a joke of trying to imagine what he might be doing and thinking through all of this.

Of course, with Irving and Durant wanting out, it has put Nash's job in jeopardy. The future is uncertain and everybody knows it.

Still, there is a sense that Nash might end up sticking around through all of these upcoming changes.

"One source close to the situation told me over the weekend that he thinks Nash is likely to avoid being rendered management’s fall guy for the Nets’ meek playoff showing, noting how much madness (and, frankly, absurdity) that the former Hall of Fame point guard faced during his second season as a head coach," reported Marc Stein. "My personal sense is that Nets owner Joe Tsai is far too impulsive and unpredictable to read in terms of how he’ll react to a lopsided first-round ouster. Nash landed the Nets’ job with no prior coaching experience largely because he had the backing of Kevin Durant as well as the gravitas to manage a team built around the mercurial Durant and Kyrie Irving.

No matter how you feel about Nash or his capabilities as a head coach, he didn't ask for this. All the drama Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have brought to the team practically sabotaged their success.

Nash deserves the chance to show what he can do in a controlled and stable environment. He should get that chance soon enough.