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Steve Nash 'Unlikely' To Be The Fall Guy For The Brooklyn Nets, Says NBA Insider

Steve Nash 'Unlikely' To Be The Fall Guy For The Brooklyn Nets, Says NBA Insider

Steve Nash has received a fair bit of criticism after the Brooklyn Nets were beaten by the Boston Celtics for the 3rd game in a row in their series. The Nets are all but eliminated considering that no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit, and Ben Simmons is also no longer going to play in Game 4. All that considered, things are looking bleak and there would normally be concerns over the coach's job in that situation. 

However, it would seem that if things do end in the worst-case scenario for the Nets, Nash still won't be the guy to take the fall for the team's failures. NBA insider Marc Stein has reported that it's unlikely that the Nets will take the drastic route and fire Nash, although retaining the support of Nets owner Joe Tsai and superstar Kevin Durant will be the key. 

"One source close to the situation told me over the weekend that he thinks Nash is likely to avoid being rendered management’s fall guy for the Nets’ meek playoff showing, noting how much madness (and, frankly, absurdity) that the former Hall of Fame point guard faced during his second season as a head coach.

"My personal sense is that Nets owner Joe Tsai is far too impulsive and unpredictable to read in terms of how he’ll react to a lopsided first-round ouster. Nash landed the Nets’ job with no prior coaching experience largely because he had the backing of Kevin Durant as well as the gravitas to manage a team built around the mercurial Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

"There is no evidence in circulation — yet — to suggest that Nash is in some sort of jeopardy ... as long as he retains the support of Tsai and (more importantly) Durant."

The NBA is a fast-moving business, and these things can change overnight, but there will likely be more noise around the organization if Nash is to get the sack. Even if he manages to retain his job, he will know that the start of next season will see him firmly in the hot seat.