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NBA Fans React To James Harden's Offseason Transformation: "Damn Y'all Know That's Ring Season"

NBA Fans React To James Harden's Offseason Transformation: "Damn Y'all Know That's Ring Season"

James Harden has been subjected to much ridicule over the last couple of years as he has failed to keep himself in proper shape for one reason or another. He infamously showed up very overweight in his last season with the Rockets because he wanted out, and he got his wish, too, as they traded him to the Nets.

He then reportedly showed up overweight at Nets training camp before last season, but it looks like that won't be the case with the Sixers this time around if some recently released pictures of him are anything to go by. It would seem that Harden is more committed than ever before at this point in his career, and as they say, better late than never!

NBA fans were hyped after seeing Harden's transformation and felt he is primed for a big season in 2022-23.

"Damn y’all know that’s ring season"

"He’s back this year"

"I see all the hate but we still haven't seen an in shape motivated Harden."

"Nah it’s wraps for luka , step back king back 🤲🏾"

"Yessir vengeance season 🔥"

"Sixers going to be the team to beat in the NBA"

"Keep them receipts of all that mess yall was speaking on him🤫"

"Took less money and losing weight! Harden is on revenge mode this season!"

"We gonna get to see a fully healthy harden & embiid and Sixers fan gonna finally see why I told them to trade for him in ‘21."

"The goat is back baby 😈😈"

"Step back James Harden 🐶 season ! 🤫🔥"

"Championship season ? Plus FMVP? Let's go!!"

"I hope I see this same Harden opening day"

"This is what we’ve been waiting for!"

"Glad to see my guy back in shape"

"If he gets his step back 3 right, and that first step back, Sixers are gonna be real nice."

"He’s gonna be nice again next season😳"

"It’s scary if bro really gets right"

"Comeback season for him. Mvp harden loading"

"Scary hours szn approaching"

Harden probably realizes that this is his last and best shot at winning a championship. The Sixers look great on paper, and if he can be anywhere near his best, then they will be a big threat next season. Someone who believes that Harden will ball out is Bobby Marks, who predicted that he could compete for MVP next season.

Expecting an MVP-caliber season might be a bit too much, but if he does manage to hit those kinds of heights, then the Sixers might well end up getting their hands on that championship.