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NBA Fans React To Jordan Poole's 'Flop Of The Century' In Game 5: "He Gives Marcus Smart A Taste Of His Own Medicine"

NBA Fans React To Jordan Poole's 'Flop Of The Century' In Game 5: "He Gives Marcus Smart A Taste Of His Own Medicine"

The Golden State Warriors edged ahead of the Boston Celtics in these NBA Finals, as their 104-94 win in Game 5 gave them a 3-2 lead in the series. The Warriors were well on top at the end of the first half, but the Celtics for once dominated the third quarter to cut a 12-point deficit to just 1 heading into the fourth quarter.

The Warriors would then return the favor with a dominant start to the fourth as they went on a 10-0 run to start things off and put away the Celtics for good. Jordan Poole scored 5 of those 10 points and he managed to get into Marcus Smart's head with an Oscar-worthy flop as well.

A furious Smart would go on to get a technical foul and NBA Twitter had some fun at his expense after he fell victim to a flop for once while also getting on Poole for the act.

"Taste of his own medicine lol"

"smart tasted his own floppiness 😌"

"Flop and a half"

"I hate their entire team lol. Flopping should be a tech"

"They need to come up with some new rules on flopping, cause this shit was horrible."

"Jordan Poole is a big baby. Stop flopping everywhere."

"This is some grade-A GS BS"

"The Fake flopper remembers what goes around comes back around don't complain in my game 6 if it's the other way around"

"He was so serious too. He deserves an award for sure lol! 😭😂😂"

"A+ flopping in front of the legendary flopper"

"When student tops the teacher"

"clutch play by poole 🤣"

"They’re really cheating us out of a title, it’s crazy"

"This is trash. NBA gots to start penalizing these foos and I’m talking about Smart too"

"Life comes at ya full circle 😭😭"

"Flop of da year"

"Golden State in a nutshell"

"This is why NBA legends laughed at today’s NBA players. MJ, Rodman, Abdul-Jabbar, Russell, Bird woulda smack them."

"Studying that @KingJames tape"

"We can only offer thoughts and prayers to Jordan poole that he may survive this vicious attack."

You'd probably feel for the recipient of the flop if it was anyone else but Smart, but his flopping antics are well documented at this point. He even had a hilarious reaction when he was shown a compilation of his flops and he called it a smart play.

Safe to say he was fuming when Poole did it to him though, and the Celtics need their point guard to keep his cool in these moments. The game was getting out of reach and he failed to stem the tide to help them stay in the game. Now they stare down another elimination game in these playoffs and it is going to take a much better effort to stay alive in this series.