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NBA Fans React To Lakers Losing To Hornets Despite Russell Westbrook's 35 Point Performance: "No Westbrook Slander... He Did Everything He Could Tonight."

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Russell Westbrook Calls Out The Media Over Double-Standard: "When I Play Bad, You Guys Ask Me A Sh*t Ton Of Questions. And Then When I Shoot The Ball Well, I Don't Hear Too Many Of Those Questions."

The Los Angeles Lakers were without both Anthony Davis and LeBron James due to injury issues today. The team ended up losing to the Charlotte Hornets 114-117 due to that injury factor, but the game was definitely close till the last second.

Russell Westbrook put up an amazing performance, turning back the clock and putting up 35 points and 5 assists on elite shooting. However, his scoring clearly wasn't enough to lift the Los Angeles Lakers over the Charlotte Hornets, who got good performances from LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges.

NBA fans reacted to the Los Angeles Lakers' loss, and most people understood that Russell Westbrook wasn't at fault, even if he did end up missing the last shot against the Hornets. There were however some people who were roasting Russell Westbrook for missing the last shot with the game on the line.

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Hopefully, Russell Westbrook will be able to use this game as a foundation to play better in the future. We all know that Russell Westbrook is a good player: he has just struggled to fit with LeBron James and Anthony Davis at times. However, it is clear that he can still be a contributor to this team.

The Los Angeles Lakers are now 24-26 after this game, and there's no question that this game was definitely one that they wanted to win. With that being said, there are some positives to take away from this. The Lakers managed to fight back and almost extend the game to overtime, and Russell Westbrook may have found a groove. Hopefully, they can improve and go on a run in the near future. There are definitely people who have said the Lakers could put it together over a stretch.  

There's no question that the Lakers' goal currently is to avoid the play-in tournament and try to get to the 6th seed. If they make the playoffs, they will certainly be a difficult matchup for any team, and they shouldn't be counted out if fully healthy.