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NBA Fans React To LeBron James 'Cojones' Celebration: 'He About To Miss Another Game For That'

NBA Fans React To LeBron James 'Cojones' Celebration: 'He About To Miss Another Game For That'

LeBron James returned from his one-game suspension in a great mode, dropping nearly 40 points on the Indiana Pacers, taking the Lakers to a much-needed win over the Eastern Conference team. 

In yet another night full of controversy for The King, as two courtside fans heckled him and made some incredibly disgusting comments about Bronny James, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar took things personally and went off on their rivals. 

With less than two minutes on the clock, Bron pulled up and made a clutch 3 over Myles Turner to give the Lakers a 7-point lead. James was feeling himself and didn't hide his excitement, grabbing his crotch to celebrate the basket, before doing the 'big balls' celebration Sam Cassell made famous. 

NBA fans reacted to this, and even LeBron's peers. After House of Highlights published the video, several people reacted to the gestures James made, with some claiming he'd get suspended again for the celebration (or fined, as Fred VanVleet), while a former teammate of Bron couldn't explain why people are still falling for that move. 

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The King returned and the Lakers returned to winning ways. The 36-year-old isn't stopping anytime soon and demonstrated his talents once again against the underperforming Pacers. He finished the match with 39 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists in the Lakers' 124-116 win. 

This could be the start of something great for the Lakers. They need to enter a good streak to shut down the criticism. Fans are yet to see a consistent team where their Big 3 delivers every night. 

If they want to win the 2022 NBA title, LeBron, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook will have to step up to lead the squad to the promised land. Perhaps the second month of competition can bring those Lakers we all are waiting to see since the offseason. They currently boast a 10-10 record, ranking 9th in the Western Conference standings.