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NBA Fans React To Players Getting Far Better Contracts After Becoming Rich Paul’s Clients: “This Man Got Ben Simmons 35 Million... That’s Insane.”

NBA Fans React To Players Getting Far Better Contracts After Becoming Rich Paul’s Clients: “This Man Got Ben Simmons 35 Million... That’s Insane.”

LeBron James recently signed a massive two-year extension with the Los Angeles Lakers worth $97.1 million. The new extension binds James till the 2024-25 NBA season if he decides to opt into last year using his player option.

James' agent Rich Paul of the Klutch Group, must have played a crucial role in getting the Lakers star a great contract. But let's be honest, he's LeBron James, and he can get a similar deal with anyone as his agent in the world.

The motive for mentioning Paul's name was that apart from James, Paul has done a great deal for other NBA stars. He has helped them sign massive contracts right after signing with him.

On that note, the popular Instagram page 'ClutchPoints' recently made a post about some of Paul's biggest clients. In the post, the page highlighted the fact that ever since the said players signed with Paul, their salaries skyrocketed, and they got some pretty amazing contracts.

While no one wants to take away the credit for Paul's hard work, when NBA fans saw the post, they had some mixed reactions. Most believed that even if Rich Paul weren't their agent, the players would end up signing big extensions as some of them were on their rookie deals.

joe_portelli10: Some of this is kinda stupid tho. Like some of these players were def getting paid with or without Paul's help. Ofc Rich Paul did a lot. But don't show some rookie scale contracts or pre inflation contracts and make it seem more impressive than it is.

joshmazzocco: This man got Ben Simmons 35 mil that’s insane.

dorian_cruz80: Most of these players were on rookie contracts tho, + lebron would get a max no matter who his agent is.

pedro.irirate_: Most of them have just improved a lot tbh and guys like Bron AD or Dray can get whatever they want no matter the agent so.

alkandiadelle: Bro got players on rookie contracts to regular contracts like every other agent lmaooo don’t gas someone up.

jie22shen: Most of these players wouldve gotten paid without his ass anyways lmao. What he did to Nerlens Noel is inexcusable and proves that he's not acc great, just affiliated with Lebron which gives him power and fame.

g83matt: Rich Paul does a great job getting players good contracts but this is a bad comparison. The salary cap in 2011 was $58 million and in 2022 it’s $123 million. Kobe was getting $25 million in 2011 as the highest paid player now that amount doubles for Steph at $48 million.

_ismael_g_: John wall owes Rich his life.

thawnaeats: Rich Paul getting them guys paid!!! His name carries weight 😤.

jrlbooker: Aint no way john wall getting paid more than bron.

realdocpao: Whole lotta overpaid athletes here 😂.

eli_cobain: Trent & Lonzo ball are terrible examples, they came from rookie deals that’s why it isn’t so high on the before. He is the GOAT though.

Like most fans pointed out, Paul might be a great agent, but the examples used in the post aren't that great.

Additionally, fans believe that some of Paul's clients, such as Ben Simmons and John Wall, are highly overpaid. The two are good players, no doubt about it, but they are certainly not worth the salary that they are getting right now.