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NBA Fans React To Question Of LeBron James With 2 Years Of Training vs. Prime Mike Tyson: "Horrible Question. Tyson In 30 Seconds"

NBA Fans React To Question Of LeBron James With 2 Years Of Training vs. Prime Mike Tyson: "Horrible Question. Tyson In 30 Seconds"

LeBron James may not be the consensus GOAT when it comes to the NBA, but his fans champion his cause with the greatest passion. LeBron has been a phenomenon since high school, and the crazy part about it is that his prowess has not been limited to just basketball. Even in high school, James was a phenomenon on the football field, his highlights are still spoken about to this day

LeBron was so good at football that he had offers from multiple owners of NFL franchises during the NBA lockout, although nothing ever panned out. And with his amazing physique and the way he takes care of his body, it would be hard to say that there isn't anything that the King couldn't do. But sometimes, fans of James can take it a step too far, as was seen with a recent question on social media. 

Sports fans love debating hypotheticals, questioning how the greatest in every sport would fare against the greatest in another. Being considered the greatest athlete of all time is a title that can never definitively be proven, but fans love wondering how their favorites would do in other sports. Something similar happened with LeBron and boxing, and it led to quite some trolling from other fans. 

Fans Didn't Think LeBron James Would Be Able To Take On A Prime Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest in boxing. He is not considered to be better than Muhammad Ali, who is one of the GOATs, but in that sense, he is similar to LeBron. Where the similarity ends is that he would likely wipe LeBron, as he would most people, in his prime in the boxing ring. And fans said as much in a response to a post talking about this. 

"Prime Tyson would destroy just about anyone w/ 2 yrs of training."

"Horrible question. Tyson in 30 seconds."

"LeBron is 6’9 so it will be hard for Tyson to reach tbh."

"Mike is 56 and he can knock Lebron out in less time than it takes him to drink a little cup of water."

"Bron would get slept."

"I mean prime Tyson was only trained two years."

"Love LeBron but cmon now, anybody who thinks he got a chance Vs a 21 year old Mike Tyson smoking that yaya."

"How many rings does Mike Tyson have?"

"I love Lebron but wtf is people talking about??"

"If LeBron makes it out of round one that’s a big W."

"How about LeBron with 20 years of training vs prime Mike Tyson. That sounds fairer."

"Lebron will get knock out in the 1st round vs a prime iron Mike."

LeBron James is an elite athlete; his mentality is unmatched when it comes to sports. But when going up against a fellow legend like Tyson, it's hard to imagine him being able to do much. At the end of the day, these athletes are all masters of their craft, which means that there isn't much he would be able to do against Tyson. Questions like these provide great entertainment value, though.