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NBA Fans React To Ray Allen Ignoring Kevin Garnett At The NBA 75 Best Players Ceremony: "Nah That's Really Killin His Soul... He Gotta Let That Go."

NBA Fans React To Ray Allen Ignored Kevin Garnett At The NBA 75 Best Players Ceremony: "Nah That's Really Killin His Soul... He Gotta Let That Go."

The 2008 Boston Celtics had one of the greatest teams ever assembled. The Celtics surrounded their superstar Paul Pierce with former MVP Kevin Garnett and All-Star Ray Allen. And the trio helped the Celtics turn their disappointing form around almost instantly to win the 2008 NBA championship.

The Celtics big three was one of the best trios ever assembled. And they were perennial contenders for the NBA championship. But things went south within a few years, quite literally. Ray Allen left the Celtics in 2012 to join the reigning champions and the Celtics' rivals Miami Heat. 

This decision did not go down well with the rest of the Celtics' squad. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce felt especially betrayed. While the relationship with Pierce seems to have gotten better, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are still not on good terms. And as we saw last night, things have still not gotten any better between the two.

Before the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, the NBA honored the best 75 players of all time. As part of the list, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were at the ceremony. As Allen approached the stage, he seemingly ignored Kevin Garnett and greeted his former championship teammate LeBron James.

NBA fans reacted to Ray Allen snubbing Kevin Garnett at the NBA 75 ceremony. Most fans poked fun at the fact that Garnett seemed unhappy. They noted that beef has been going for way too long, and both sides need to abandon the animosities. Clearly, NBA fans don't want to see them continue to have beef with each other.

Ray Allen has spoken in the past about the animosity between the two. He noted that he doesn't talk to the former Celtics star, and that is not a choice that he makes. Allen doesn't seem to hold a grudge, but won't actively make an approach to KG and the rest of the Celtics.

Garnett noted last night that he doesn't seem to have any animosity against Ray Allen, wishing him and his family the best. The two keep saying that they didn't hold anything against each other, but their actions seem to suggest otherwise.