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NBA Fans React To The New Atlanta Hawks’ Big 3: “All That To Lose In The Play-in”

NBA Fans React To The New Atlanta Hawks’ Big 3: “All That To Lose In The Play-in”

The Atlanta Hawks had a disappointing 2021-22 season by all accounts. After finishing the 2021 playoffs as Eastern Conference finalists, it seemed like Young and Co. had finally arrived. But that was not the case last season. With the team failing to step in, it was Trae Young who had to carry the load for the team.

Eventually, Young and Co. were embarrassed in the playoffs, as they couldn't even make it to the second round of the playoffs. Given their disappointing season, the Hawks had two choices; either to continue with the mediocre team or to splash the cash and give up assets to bring in another star talent to the team. The team certainly listened to its fans who were longing for some much-needed change by bringing in Dejounte Murray.

Fans React To Atlanta Hawks Big Three

While the Hawks had traded for Murray a few weeks ago, Atlanta recently presented the superstar guard. Not only that, but the team also had some photoshoots with Murray, Trae Young, and John Collins, the big three of Hawks' basketball.

NBA Fans certainly had some interesting reactions to the trio. 

While some fans might clown the trio, this Big Three has a lot of potential heading into the future. Given that Young, Murray, and Collins will be entering their primes shortly. With Trae and Dejounte, the Hawks certainly look set with their backcourt at least for the next five years. 

Given that the backcourt has a balance of offense and defense, the Hawks' backcourt will be their backbone. One player who might have to step up his game, though, is John Collins. The 25-year-old is an incredible pick and roll partner for Trae but hasn't had much impact on the team defensively. If Collins can become a decent defender who can challenge other forwards, the Hawks will be a formidable team in the near future. What do you think about the Hawks' chances heading into next season?