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NBA Fans React To Vanessa Bryant Having A Touching Moment With Michael Jordan During The All-Star Game: "Kobe Would Be Proud."

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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had a very good relationship with one another. Michael Jordan was notably the player that Kobe Bryant based all of his moves off of, and there is no doubt the two had a special bond.

During the recent gathering to commemorate the all-time NBA 75, Vanessa Bryant and Michael Jordan had a touching moment with one another. Many NBA fans reacted to the moment, with many expressing their appreciation for the late Kobe Bryant.

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There is no doubt that this was likely an emotional night for Vanessa Bryant, and sometimes, events such as this can be tough. With that being said, there's no question that Kobe Bryant's legacy will live on forever in the minds of fans. Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest shooting guards ever, and he is generally viewed as a top-5 player ever to play the game.

There are many people who have talked about how Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had a very similar playstyle. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had the same tendencies players, and Dennis Rodman recently claimed that Kobe Bryant was the closest player to Michael Jordan, while reminiscing on how Jordan considered Bryant a "little brother".

“Well, of course, when you heard Michael Jordan give that ceremony when Kobe died, what did he call him? His little brother, everyone knew Kobe emulated Michael, everyone in the world knew that he act like Michael, he talked like Michael; He spoke like Michael, but, uh, Kobe was, he was close to Michael as far as the basketball skill.

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan appreciated Kobe Bryant's ability and some of their skills overlapped. With that being said, they were both great in their own right, and both have made their mark on history.

When Kobe Bryant passed, people from all over the world were mourning. He was a figure that held great importance to a lot of people, including Michael Jordan and Vanessa Bryant. Hopefully, the two can think fondly on their memories of Kobe Bryant, and continue to remember what a great human and person he was.