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NBA Fans React To Victor Wembanyama's Teammates Name: "Ho You Fat For Three!"

NBA Fans React To Victor Wembanyama's Teammates Name: "Ho You Fat For Three!"

The first clash between top 2023 NBA Draft prospects Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson did not disappoint anyone. The two players had an electric back-and-forth duel that saw Henderson's G League Ignite beat Wembanyama's Metropolitans 92. Victor outscored Scoot and put on an incredible performance, shooting threes effortlessly while also blocking shots at the rim regularly.

The attention quickly switched from Wembanyama to one of his teammates during the game. Fans who probably tuned into a Metropolitans 92 game for the first time were introduced to No. 15 on the team whose jersey just says 'Ho You Fat'. This caused Twitter to freak out while identifying the player and making jokes over his last name.

The player in question is Steeve Ho You Fat, a French basketball veteran who started his professional career in 2008. He has played for 8 professional teams in his career and is currently 34 years old. The 6'8" power forward is not one of the crucial players for his current squad and joined the team in 2021. His name alone has generated a lot of interest in him, something that he can appreciate after being subjected to jokes about his last name for years.

Will The Fans See Ho You Fat And Wembanyama In Action Again?

Everybody knows that Victor Wembanyama is bound for the NBA, most likely as the 1st overall pick. However, it's unlikely that a 34-year-old Ho You Fat can make a push for the NBA. Thankfully, fans can see him in action again very soon, as they rematch against the G League Ignite team.

Considering the action in the first matchup between the two teams, the second one should be exciting. Fans will definitely be used to seeing Steeve Ho You Fat's jersey on the court now, so it won't generate the same reaction it did last night. Fans will secretly root for him to have a breakout performance so that an NBA team takes a flier on him, just for his name to be in the NBA.