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NBA Fans React To Who Is Better Player: Markieff Morris vs. Marcus Morris

Credit: Silver Screen & Roll

Credit: Silver Screen & Roll

There are some interesting stories about twins, but the one involving the Morris brothers is definitely something else. Besides the fact that they look the same, the similarities between these players go beyond their looks.

For instance, their numbers are almost similar. Silver Screen & Roll compared both players and the results are mind-blowing. Markieff has scored more points than his brother, but the difference is just two points between, 7250 against 7248. If we go to the field goal percentage, Markieff boasts 44.8% while Marcus shoots for 43.1%.

Fans went crazy when they saw the similarities in their numbers, stating that they really are twins, pointing out to how close their numbers are and all the categories they used to compare the brothers.

It's crazy to see how similar they are. As we stated before, the stories about twins are always interesting, but the Morris twins took things to the next level. To make things bigger, they were drafted by the same team on the same draft night and now they're part of the battle of Los Angeles.

Marcus was traded to the Clippers at the February deadline while Markieff was picked by the Lakers after getting waived by the Detroit Pistons.