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NBA Fans React To Zion Williamson’s Dunk On His Instagram Story: “He Looks In Shape To Me. Look Out NBA.”

Zion Williamson

There has been much speculation about the health of Zion Williamson this season, with the timeline for a potential return fluctuating wildly time and again. The latest update from The Athletic suggested that Williamson would not be back on the court this season but Zion has gotten everyone excited with his latest Instagram story. 

Williamson shared a video of him dunking, and it wasn't anything normal, but a between the legs dunk. Zion's rehab seems to be going well if he's already capable of doing things like this. When he's fit, he has proven to be an unstoppable force in the league, scoring 27 points per game last season on incredible efficiency. 

One of the things easily noticeable is that the court warps around Zion's feet when he takes off, leading to speculation that he's still working on softer courts and not a proper hard court. However, the level of athleticism he shows in this will be a cause of concern for other NBA teams, with the concerns about him having lost a step seemingly off the mark. 

Understandably, fans loved this video, with many commenting about how good Zion looks in terms of the shape he is in. 

Actively Glitching: "People saying look like he lost his bounce but he a 300 pound man doing between the leg."

YungJames: "Pelicans shut him down and then Zion posts this? Something really fishy going on in the big easy."

Justin M.: "Those floors looking like a trampoline."

sosa: "It looks like Khalil Mack dunking the ball cause of how big Zion is."

Alexandra: "Want him back healthy before the next season starts. This dude is a menace on the court."

mourinGOAT: "Ahh is it time? Because I’m ready!!"

Foutiyou: "Zion is back."

chubz: "He looks in shape to me. Look out, NBA!"

babayaga: "The Pels will instantly go up to like 3rd seed a healthy Zion, BI and CJ."

tyler504: "Get that mf back on the court immediately."

If the New Orleans Pelicans can make it into the playoffs from the play-in tournament, there could be a chance that Zion takes the floor for the team once more. However, it's more likely that fans will have to wait till the next season to see the best of Williamson and if he can get in shape, then another All-Star campaign is likely the bare minimum target for the No. 1 pick in 2019.