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NBA Fans Rejoice After NBA Approves Elimination Of Transition Take Foul

Adam Silver

Transition offense remains one of the NBA's premier plays, and the league is going to do whatever it takes to protect the sacred practice.

As announced by Yahoo's Chris Haynes this week, Adam Silver and NBA executives have decided to take action against transition fouls and grant the team on offense one free throw and possession of the ball if their opponent employs the take foul.

The NBA transition “take foul” during games is inching closer to being penalized, starting with the 2022-23 season, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The committee began meeting in Las Vegas over the weekend to discuss rule-change proposals. The committee’s rule-change recommendations will be brought to the Board of Governors, where the BOG is expected to unanimously vote in favor of the change, sources said.

The take foul was overly used by teams on defense to eliminate fast-break opportunities in which the defending team was at a numbers disadvantage. After the foul, the offensive team was previously given the ball out of bounds. The tactic also led to a disruption of game flow and it bogged the game down.

Fans have been clamoring for this change for years now. When transition plays get stopped due to fouls, it can really break the flow of a game and it robs the fans of highlight plays that have been the league's signature for decades.

It is yet another example of the NBA employing changes that address the feedback of fans.

Moving forward, we can probably expect the league to continue making changes and implement factors that improve the overall fan experience.