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NBA Fans Roast Ben Simmons After Devin Booker Scores 36 Points On Him: "He Stole His Girl And Then Dropped 36 On His Head"

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

The Phoenix Suns confirmed their great moment on Saturday afternoon, when they took on the Philadelphia 76ers, the best team in the East, and beat them with a 120-111 final result at Phoenix Suns Arena. The team was led by Devin Booker's 36 points, who was feeling himself and let everybody know, going off on Ben Simmons, the best defender on the opposite team.

Just a few hours after Simmons self-proclaimed as the best defender in the NBA, Booker torched him and NBA fans didn't let him go away with it. Simmons has received a lot of bad comments this season and this game didn't help his case with fans.

NBA Twitter, as ruthless as usual, went after the Australian player, mocking him for losing against Booker, who is now dating Ben's ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner and is cooking him whenever they meet on the court.

Booker was even spotted barking at Simmons after nailing a 3-pointer on his face, something that only made things worse.

These are two of the best young players in the league and seeing how things are right now, you know there is a good rivalry growing between these two. According to fans, Book has the advantage now but Simmons can fire back in the future.

We had a very entertaining Saturday of NBA and this game started it all. The duels between these two have everything to be memorable and the NBA community is all about that.