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NBA Fans Roast Rachel Nichols For Controversial Tim Duncan Interview

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When it comes to NBA sports broadcasters, there aren't many in the business better than Rachel Nichols. As a host of "The Jump" and frequent face of ESPN, she is one of the most well-known faces in her field.

Still, fans weren't happy after her interview with Tim Duncan. In honor of his Hall-of-Fame induction, she sat down with him for a short chat, eventually asking a question about a moment he shared with LeBron James.

"After the final game, you said 'this is going to be your league, appreciate you giving us a year,' what was that moment like?" (start at 3:50)

It was just one question in what was otherwise an excellent interview, but fans didn't let up in their criticism.

Admittedly, the criticism is a bit unfair, especially because Duncan himself didn't seem to have any problem answering the question.

But, as usual, LeBron's name is going to incite some controversy. Love him or hate him, almost everybody has strong feelings about him.

And while it may seem out of place to bring him up in a chat about Tim Duncan's Hall-of-Fame induction, it definitely makes for an interesting bit.

But what do you think? Did Nichols cross the line, or are people overreacting to hearing LeBron's name?