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NBA Fans Roast The Celtic Fan Who Tattooed 'Boston Celtics 2022 World Champions': "This Man Is Not Sleeping Well Tonight"

NBA Fans Roast The Celtic Fan Who Tattooed 'Boston Celtics 2022 World Champions': "This Man Is Not Sleeping Well Tonight"

It is said fan is short for fanatic and some of these guys tend to go overboard when it comes to supporting their teams. Jack Bienvenue is one of them and he made headlines when he appeared on television with a tattoo of a championship banner for the Boston Celtics for the 2022 season.

He got it done all the way back in March of this year, and the crazy part is how it almost became reality. The Celtics fell two games short of winning the title this year as they lost in 6 games to the Golden State Warriors in a hard-fought series. Of course, coming close doesn't mean Twitter isn't going to have a field day at his expense, as Jack got roasted.

"Someone should check on this guy 😂"

"Clown 🤡🤡"

"The only banner they’ll get in the Garden this year! 🤡 #LakeShow"

"It’s always that one that jinxes the team before they won lol"

"Shit never ends well when u get it early"

"Tatum owe him for a cover up FIN"

"Tattoo artist knew he was getting a repeat customer when he put this on that man. 😂😭😂"

"he gotta have ptsd"

"Never understood why people do this lol"

"I’d be looking for Jason Tatum rn if I was him"

"Damn hope that shit is temporary lmaaaoooo"

"Time to amputate"

"Someone go give him a hug 😂😂😂"

"he lost 15 years of his life in a NBA postseason"


"Just go back and have your ink guy place the words Oops!! Underneath.🤣🤣🤣"

"Common L by a Celtics fan"

"What an idiot 😂"

"Show me how our education system failed us in one photo…"

"Tell me somebody seriously didn’t do that before the series was actually over…I really hope we have some people in the world much smarter than this."

These never end well, as someone pointed out there, but Jack got closer than most. He doesn't plan to get rid of it either, as he stated ahead of Game 3 to the Athletic that even if they lose, he'd only get it corrected if they win it the next year.

For now, though, he is left with a tattoo for a championship that never was and he'll keep taking some heat for it unless they go on and win it next year. He'll be hoping that the likes of Jayson Tatum, who was criticized for his play, come back stronger from this disappointment and lead the Celtics to their first title since 2008.