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NBA Insider Chris Haynes Says Paul George Could Return As Early As March If His MRI Comes Back Clean

NBA Insider Chris Haynes Says Paul George Could Return As Early As March If His MRI Comes Back Clean

The Los Angeles Clippers have been struggling with injuries this season. The most notable of which, have been their two superstars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Leonard suffered an ACL tear during the playoffs last year and is yet to return. Whereas Paul George suffered a significant injury setback at the start of the new year.

While the two superstars have been gone, the Clippers have actually been playing well, notching wins against big teams, with Golden State being the most recent example. But the Clippers will be hoping that they get their two stars to return soon, at least by the time the playoffs start. The Clippers will currently be aiming for a play-in spot, given how the roster is currently constructed.

Leonard is expected to return before the playoffs, although Ty Lue seemed to suggest that might not happen. And a recent report by NBA insider Chris Haynes suggests that George could actually be back even sooner. Haynes reported that if Paul George's recent MRI results come back clean, the former All-Star could make a return to the court by March if things go right. 

This news will come as a massive boost for Clippers fans. Their two superstars have been sorely missed. And given the way the team has played without them, there is cause for excitement with regards to their return, as the two superstars could capitalize on their team's momentum and help elevate them back to being championship contenders.

Whether George is able to return or not remains to be seen. Given the severity of the injury and George's own injury history, the Clippers will not want to take any risks with his health. But George and Kawhi are crucial to the Clippers and will be needed back if they stand any chance to make a deep playoff run and win the NBA championship this season.