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NBA Insider Reveals Knicks Pitch To Jalen Brunson Involves Opportunity To Be Full-Time Point Guard

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Jalen Brunson

Jalen Brunson had a solid playoff run with the Dallas Mavericks this season, thriving as the No. 2 option behind Luka Doncic. He averaged 21.6 PPG, 4.6 RPG, and 3.7 APG in the playoffs, and there's no doubt that at times he was absolutely spectacular.

This offseason, Jalen Brunson will have the opportunity to test free agency, and a team that has emerged as a legitimate option to steal him away from the Dallas Mavericks is the New York Knicks. It was recently reported that they could potentially offer him a deal worth $110 Million in free agency.

When free agency opens on Thursday, the New York Knicks are expected to present Jalen Brunson a four-year offer in the vicinity of $110 million, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

It seems as though Jalen Brunson going to the Knicks could result in not only a hefty payday but an increased role. NBA insider Chris Mannix revealed that the "Knicks pitch" to Brunson involved "the opportunity to be a full-time point guard". 

Part of the Knicks pitch to Jalen Brunson, I’m told, is the opportunity to be a full time point guard. In Dallas, Brunson can play with Luka. But Luka is the de facto point guard. In New York, Brunson would run the show.

There is no doubt that a lot of guards would relish the opportunity to be a lead guard on a team, and it seems as though this is what Jalen Brunson is getting. While he isn't known as a top-tier playmaker, Luka Doncic has an extremely high usage rate on the Dallas Mavericks, and perhaps that side of Jalen Brunson's game will show on a team where he gets more chances to be a floor general.

We will see if the New York Knicks will actually end up acquiring Jalen Brunson. So far, signs are pointing in that direction, and perhaps he can be that point guard that the team has been missing.