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NBA Players Will Wear A "Smart Ring" In Orlando That Is Capable Of Predicting COVID-19 Symptoms Up To 3 Days In Advance

(via CNBC)

(via CNBC)

The NBA has set a path to return but it doesn't mean things will be easy. COVID-19 is still active (over 200 cases confirmed in Orlando) and protests have still been happening all around the globe in the name of promoting social justice and racial equality.

If the NBA wants to finish out the season, they have to make sure they can keep players safe. Playing in Orlando, with minimal outside exposure, is just one step. Another may be asking players to wear a smart ring is another and may be the most impressive measure the league has taken yet.

According to CNBC, the "ring" can help identify early COVID-19 symptoms and can notify players when they're within six-feet of another.

(via SB Nation)

Oura rings were initially marketed as sleep trackers with the ability to monitor heart rate and body temperature, but the company is hoping to use those metrics to develop ways to identify Covid-19.

2,000 medical workers a the University of California, San Francisco were given the rings and completed daily surveys in order for researchers to analyze the health data from the rings. People who already owned a ring were also given the option to join in the study. According to UCSF’s website, the purpose of the study is to “observe associations between dermal body temperature, heart rate, and related metrics, and the onset of symptoms such as fever, cough, and fatigue, which can characterize COVID-19.”

These rings won't guarantee players stay safe from COVID-19, but it can definitely help prevent a major outbreak and may even reassure guys who are unsure about attending due to their risk of infection.

Obviously, the NBA is taking every measure to ensure that they can not only continue the season but that players and coaches are protected in the process.