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NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Might Have To Return And Play For 76ers Due To Cash Flow Issues

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Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers have been engaged in a well-documented stand-off. Simmons hasn't played yet this season, but it is clear that both parties want to move on from one another.

However, the stand-off may be over soon. When speaking on the 94WIP Evening Show, Howard Eskin claimed that Ben Simmons "may have to come back" and play for the 76ers as he has "serious cash flow issues" as he's losing a lot of money, and has "spent so much money" as well. Eskin's words were transcribed in an article by the 94WIP staff.

"I was told by somebody very reliable he may be tapped out, broke," Eskin said on Tuesday's 94WIP Evening Show with Joe Giglio. "Cash flow broke. Because he's losing so much money, but he spent so much money. 17.5 million dollar home, remember he has to pay taxes too. 17.5 million dollar home. He's got two homes in the Philadelphia area, probably worth eight or nine million. He buys a new car every month, four or five hundred thousand. He just spends money like it's nothing because he thinks it never ends. And the person that told, it's very reliable that he has got serious cash flow issues.

Remember this trip, he doesn't get paid for any games, so that's well over two million," Eskin continued. "He may have to come back. I don't want him to come back, stay broke...I thought he was going to be out the whole year, now he may have to come back just to get some money.

Ben Simmons' original plan was to never play for the 76ers ever again, and thus far, he has been successful in achieving that. However, that may soon change if these claims about Ben Simmons being "broke" is correct.

It remains to be seen if Ben Simmons does indeed return. The Philadelphia 76ers have been inconsistent this year, and they're a better team with him than without. Hopefully, we see Simmons' situation resolved soon, whether it be with a trade or with him returning to play for the 76ers.