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NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons "Open" To Being Traded To Kings

Ben Simmons

At this point, nobody is expecting Ben Simmons to remain with the Philadelphia 76ers. He's made it abundantly clear that he no longer wants to be a Sixer and it seems he's severed all ties with the franchise.

Still, there remain some uncertainties about his future. How long will the Sixers hold out? And which team will he ultimately end up playing for?

In the beginning, it was believed that Simmons was set on being sent to the Lakers or Clippers. But now, after months of negotiations, it seems he's open to being sent to Sacramento as well.

(via David Aldridge)

"I’ve written this on Simmons to Sac before, and the rationale still holds. Simmons is an elite defensive player. He’s an elite passer. He has four years left on his deal. (He would have no problem going to Sacramento, I’m told, so strong is his desire to get out of Philadelphia.)"

At a glance, Ben would be an interesting fit in Sacramento. With De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield, they have a core that might just be one piece away from moving up in the West.

Unfortunately for Ben, talks ended months ago, when the two sides failed to come to an agreement on a deal. It is unknown whether or not negotiations will resume.

"Sources tell me the Kings have been determined to see what this current group looks like early on this regular season and haven’t revisited the Simmons situation since the two teams spoke months ago," Sam Amick wrote.

At this point, Sixers GM Daryl Morey has kept the price high for his young star, a particularly bold move considering where his trade value sits.

Unless he lowers his asking price, it's unlikely that a trade will happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how the situation develops and if any other teams decide to get involved.