NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal Has Opted To Stay With The Washington Wizards

NBA Rumors- Bradley Beal Opted To Stay With The Washington Wizards

Wizards star Bradley Beal has been the subject of trade rumors for weeks now. Thanks to yet another failed season by the Wizards, his future with the franchise has been put under a lot of doubt, and it's no secret that several teams have been trying to vie for his services.

Coming into the 2021 Draft, it was seen as an inevitability that he would be traded, and many believed the lakers were going to be the team to get him.

As reality would have it, however, it was his teammate, Russell Westbrook, who got dealt to Los Angeles, leaving Beal and the Wizards back at square one.

Without his running mate and a questionable roster around him, Beal might be more motivated than ever to ask out.

But, according to a report by Bleacher Report's Marcus Thompson, it's actually quite the contrary.

Over the past few years, the Wizards have endured a number of roster changes. From Beal's perspective, he went from John Wall to Russell Westbrook in just a few years and now is left with no c-star at all.

On paper, the Wizards sure seem to be going backward.

But with Beal apparently still committed to the team, we should expect a few more moves from D.C. over the next few weeks. If they want to compete and subsequently keep Bradley Beal happy, they're going to have to be somewhat competitive.

It will be interesting to see what they can do.