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NBA Rumors: Celtics Have Had Talks With Dennis Schroder

NBA Rumors- Celtics Have Had Talks With Dennis Schroder

With Day 4 of NBA free agency drawing to a close, veteran guard Dennis Schroder finds himself in quite a bind.

Believing he was set to earn upwards of $100M in the summer, Schroder rejected a generous contract offer by the Lakers a few months back.

After a disappointing run by L.A. in the 2021 playoffs, and an absolutely atrocious performance by Schroder himself in that stretch, he finds himself unsigned almost a week into free agency.

The good news is, he has received interest by at least one team: the Boston Celtics. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the two sides have had talks over the past couple of days.

Schroder would be a solid fit in Boston, especially considering the absence of Kemba Walker, who the Celtics traded to OKC earlier in the offseason.

As the Celtics look to improve their standing in the East, getting a scorer and playmaker like Schroder could have some real payoff.

But with no deal imminent at this time, it remains to be seen where Schroder will land. As a veteran guard with plenty of talent, he is definitely worth some attention.

At this point, though, the only thing we know for sure is that he won't be getting the money he was hoping for.