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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors And Brooklyn Nets Are Interested In Signing Paul Millsap

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While a lot of marquee free agents have already been signed, there are still a lot of capable veteran players who are able to contribute to playoff teams still out there. One of those players is Paul Millsap, a wily veteran who is a former All-Star and All-Defensive selection. He has also become a solid shooter over the years, and he can be a solid two-way player for any team coming off the bench.

It looks as though two potential contenders next season are interested in Millsap's services. According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, both the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors are interested in acquiring Paul Millsap in free agency. Both are top-heavy teams in need of depth.

It is easy to see why both teams would be interested in Millsap. The Brooklyn Nets lost Jeff Green in free agency to the Denver Nuggets, so perhaps Paul Millsap would be a good fit in Green's former role, a defensive forward who also provides spacing for the trio of Nets superstars. He would be particularly important in the playoffs, where reliable role players are extremely important.

For the Golden State Warriors, they need veterans in general, and Paul Millsap would fit well into Golden State's system based on his defensive play. Adding him to a stout defensive team would help them improve, and he would be another great leader for younger players such as Jordan Poole and James Wiseman. 

There's no question that Paul Millsap is the type of veteran that would thrive anywhere, and he is fully capable of taking a smaller role for the sake of the team. It remains to be seen where he ends up, and he is certainly taking his time making the decision. From this report, it looks as though the Warriors and the Nets could be in the mix, and we'll see whether he lands with either soon enough.