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NBA Rumors: Jalen Suggs Had "Horrible" Pre-Draft Workout With Raptors

NBA Rumors- Jalen Suggs Had "Horrible" Pre-Draft Workout With Raptors

Jalen Suggs was projected to be a Top-3 pick by analysts. The guy was the star of a 31-1 Gonzaga team as a freshman last year, averaging 14 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game.

So, when he was available at No. 4, many believed the young prospect was an easy selection. Instead, the Toronto Raptors shocked the world and picked up Scottie Barnes, leaving Suggs to get scooped up by Orlando at 5.

And while there is no changing history, many are still wondering why, exactly, the Raptors would pass on such a huge prospect.

A Raptors insider recently shed some light on it in a post on Reddit:

Basically, the man couldn’t shoot. He had the worst shooting drill out of all 1-on-0 workouts (they worked out about 10, including Bouknight who said he didn’t work out with us for some reason?? Bouknight had the best shooting drill of all by far).

Just was totally flat. It was so bad and he was so worked up about it that they called the workout short and told him to come back the next day, even though they already had another guy coming in the next day (Jalen Johnson).

That basically never happens. Didn’t do great on the second chance either.

Scottie killed it. Beginning to end. Great workout, charmed them with his personality, shot the leather off the ball. They just loved him.

I didn’t want to say anything about the bad workout bc I didn’t want that to get out, in case the FO was trying to trade the pick.

Brian Windhorst confirmed the rumor on his podcast:

So, it's pretty obvious why the Raptors ultimately went with Scottie. Not only did he blow them away in his workout, but the seemingly better player (Suggs) couldn't shoot the ball.

Whether or not that was a fluke or a sign of deeper flaws remains to be seen, but the decision to pass on him by the Raptors will follow them for years to come.

They better hope they made the right decision.