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NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors And Goran Dragic Haven't Talked About A Buyout

Goran Dragic

The Toronto Raptors acquired Goran Dragic as part of the trade return for their franchise legend, Kyle Lowry. While Goran Dragic is a good point guard, he doesn't match up well with the timeline of the other members of the roster, a lot of whom are younger players, such as the No. 4 pick from the 2021 NBA Draft, Scottie Barnes.

There have been recent rumors about Goran Dragic potentially getting a buyout from the Raptors, and subsequently signing with the Dallas Mavericks. However, a recent report has poured cold water on those rumors. Jordan Schultz of ESPN has reported that Goran Dragic may not even sign with the Mavericks and that there haven't been talks of a buyout between him and the Raptors.

There is no doubt that many teams across the league would love to get Goran Dragic on their roster, especially for a low price. Even though Goran Dragic isn't the All-Star caliber player he once was, he can still be a solid guard in the right role. He can shoot fairly well and attack off the dribble, as well as running an offense at a decent level. He could be perfect as a backup point guard and fairly decent as a starter.

It remains to be seen what the Toronto Raptors will decide to do regarding Goran Dragic, but it seems as though they are in no rush to start discussing a buyout. A trade would obviously be more beneficial for the team as they'll get some assets back, and perhaps they'll end up finding a trade that is suitable. If Goran Dragic does get a buyout though, it will be interesting to see which team he will end up joining. If he doesn't join the Mavericks, there's potential for a lot of other contenders to try and acquire his services.